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A CV Boot or CV Axle

A lot of automotive ads list that the shop repairs CV boots and or replaces CV axles. But most folks have no idea what a CV boot or CV axle is much less what it does.

Honda CV Axle
Honda Accord CV Axle With Torn Boot


Basically they’re the drive shafts for a front wheel drive car. 4 wheel drive trucks have them too.

Below is a photo of a complete CV axle that I recently replaced. The outer boot has torn and was throwing grease all over the front brake rotors and suspension. If you don’t fix this, the brakes can have problems and it gets really expensive really fast to fix.

I put 2 brand new Napa CV axles in a 94 Honda Accord this morning and thought these photos would be great to show people. I use only Napa CV axles because they are brand new. Not re-manufactured axles.

Torn CV Boot

I’ve had reman’s make more noise than the old one’s I took out of the car, that’s why I only use new axles now. In the old days you didn’t have a choice, but today we can get new axle’s for most Asian vehicles for a lot less than the dealer.  Total cost for this Honda was right at $500 parts and labor for 2 front axles, which is about the cost of 1 axle only from the dealer.

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