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A Camber Kit

A camber kit sometimes needs to be installed to make the camber angle of the wheel alignment fully adjustable.

Years ago most vehicles were fully adjustable from the factory. When it was time to get your car or truck alignment done, you just took it in and it was no big deal to set all the wheel alignment angles such as camber, caster and toe.

Now days a lot of vehicles have non adjustable suspensions from the factory. Which means camber and caster are preset and non-adjustable. Unless you install a “camber kit”.

Camber Kit
Camber Kit For Mazda Tribute or Ford Escape

The toe is adjustable on all vehicles sold. But sometimes the camber is off and causing a tire wear problem and the only way to fix it is with a camber kit.  Once the camber kit is installed, the alignment tech can set it to the proper reading for good tire wear.

There are a lot of different types of camber kits. Some are simple metal bushings with the hole in the center drilled off center in varying degrees. Some come with eccentric washers and new bolts. So when you loosen and turn the bolt it moves the control arm in and out so you can set both camber and caster.

Honda camber kits can be both types mentioned above plus complete new arms with adjustments built in. Get out your wallet for those, they’re expensive.

For more information about camber kits, such as if it’s necessary or available for your specific vehicle, give us a call.  334-9757

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