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Steep Hill Brake Fix | Kaloko | Papa Bay | Mahilani

It’s not unusual to replace front brake pads every 10,000 miles if you live up Kaloko or at the bottom of Papa Bay or off Mahilani and your vehicle has an automatic transmission.

Vehicles with a stick shift don’t eat brakes like those with automatics do.  For my customers that live or travel in these extreme environments, we have special brake pads that we install.

Secret Brake Pad Recipe
Secret Recipe Brake Pad

Since I view it as a trade secret as to what exactly we’re using for brake pads,  you can’t buy them in Hawaii. We order them in from the mainland 2nd day air when we need them.

And the good thing is they don’t cost a whole lot more than premium brake pads that we buy locally. But they last twice as long.

One time I ordered a set of these for a customer who lives up Kaloko and when the pads got here the box was missing one. So I ordered a cheap set of pads from Napa and installed one of the cheap pads with the other 3 super high performance pads because I needed to get my customer back on the road.

It turned into an interesting test to see if there really was a difference between carbon fiber and cheap organic brake pads. Turns out there is a huge difference.  The 3 carbon fiber pads held up, while I had to replace the one cheap pad every 3.5 months.

Nothing like a side by side comparison to show if they really were better. They are.

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