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Should You Change Power Steering Fluid? Yes!

Up till yesterday I was not convinced that changing power steering fluid was a valid service.

But after installing a new power steering pump and hoses in a 2004 Ford Ranger yesterday, I’m convinced that changing the power steering fluid is in fact a good thing to do.

The truck I was working on had 74,000 miles on it and the power steering pump was whining loudly and the truck had intermittent loss of steering power steering.

The reason was quite simple, the pump was full of goo. I suspect the ps hoses had deteriorated internally and as they decomposed, the fluid became contaminated and therefore plugging up the pump and over working it till it failed.

In the photo looking into the pump, you can see the shiny goo which caused the failure.

If the fluid had been changed every 30,000 miles, I seriously doubt this truck would have had to have the pump and hoses replaced.

Looking inside of gummed up power steering pump.
Looking inside of gummed up power steering pump.


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