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MIST Service

Sanitize Your A/C Vents

The Mist service will sanitize your vehicles air conditioning. Not only does the MIST service kill mold in your vehicles A/C system but it also deodorizes too. Got dog odor? This will get rid of it. $49.95

You can read more about mold, mildew and other bugs in your vehicles HVAC system by visiting

1 thought on “MIST Service

  1. I recently returned from City of Hope in southern California, where I had to have a bone marrow transplant for my re-occurring cancer. When I got back to Kona, my wife told me her car was acting up so I took it to Trent’s Automotive. Since Joe is a friend, we were discussing my recent procedure and Joe suggested I get the MIST treatment for my wife’s car.

    I am extremely dubious of these types of service. I feel that most of them are a scam and just dump a bunch of air freshener in the car to mask any smells. It was only because I trust Joe that I went for it. I waited for several days after the treatment to give a thorough review. What I have discovered is amazing. The first thing you notice after the treatment is the smell inside the car.

    It’s not a perfume smell. The best I can describe it is that it just smells CLEAN. I expected this to go away after several days but it has not! Let me be clear, this is our family car with a 14 year old boy in it every day. We constantly find bits of things that have NO business being left in the car and they usually contribute to the not so nice smells inside but we have had non of that since the treatment.

    Secondly, my son suffers from asthma and usually is hacking and coughing in the car. We used to attribute this to the VOG or other outside influences but since the treatment, he has stopped having these reactions while riding in the car. As I said, I am usually the most skeptical person on the planet when it comes to these types of things but seeing is believing! Not only will this be a semi-annual service for the family car but I will also do it to my Mustang that is so clean you could eat off of it. While the car is clean inside I now know that there are spores and bacteria hiding in the ducts and this system will clean them out! I highly recommend this service for your new or old car!

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