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2 thoughts on “Road Noise Sound 

  1. Mr. Trent,

    I am about to purchase a struts/ shocks for my 2007 Honda Pilot 4WD with 130,000 plus miles on it. I just received an email from KYB saying that the KYB complete strut spring assembly is not available for 4WD which is my application, but available in AWD. In addition, I’m also looking at replacing the 2 rear shocks.

    The important issue is that, I want a responsive good handling soft ride suspension. Now it got me more confused on which brand I should purchase.

    Please help me decide which application is best. I want an easy installation without dealing with the spring compressor. By the way, you’ve mentioned about the loose nuts for Monroe struts, has this issue been corrected? Mahalo Nui Loa and have a great day!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    • The email from KYB is confusing. Amazon only shows 4wd and front wheel drive. And O’Reilly shows Product
      Front KYB Strut Plus Complete Strut Assembly KYB SR4168 for all wheel drive. And Napa shows Application Information: 2007 Honda Pilot
      Drive Trains : All Wheel Drive Part: KYB SR4168 I suspect the all wheel drive and the four-wheel drive are one in the same as far as the strut is concerned.

      As far as the loose nut problem, it has been delt with. I’ve installed a bunch of Monroe Quickstruts with no noise issues.

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