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Dodge Caravan Needed Brake Calipers At 45K


The Dodge Caravan in this video is getting its first set of brake pads. And the funny thing was the rotors were worn out which seem suspicious because the vehicle only has 45,000 miles on it.

And so I push the pistons back in the front brake calipers after I installed new rotors and pads, then I always spin the tires on the vehicle afterwards just to make sure there’s no issue with the caliper hanging up.

And what I discovered on this van was that in fact the driver-side brake caliper was locked up tight. And the right front was dragging heavily. And that’s what killed the front rotors. So, I replaced the front brake calipers and that solved the problem. But normally you don’t see that at 45,000 miles. That’s something usually seen on the second or third brake job at much higher mileage.

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