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The Truth About Lifetime Alignments…

Firestone loves to sell customers lifetime alignments because it’s a great way to keep customers coming back to their store.   It’s great for Firestone, not so great for the consumer.

I base this on the fact that at one time in my career I worked for Firestone on the mainland for a short period of time and at that time all mechanics were paid a commission for doing lifetime alignments as well as other work.

But here’s the catch, the mechanic that does the first alignment on a lifetime alignment sale is THE ONLY MECHANIC THAT GETS PAID TO ALIGN THAT VEHICLE.


How well of a re-alignment job do you think a mechanic that is working for FREE is going to do on your vehicle a year or so down the road?

I can tell you that most likely your vehicle is going to get put on the rack without a test drive and they are either going to look for parts to sell you or they are going to set the toe and roll it off and park it. This was the common practice at the Firestone I worked at years ago.

Mechanics don’t like working for free, do you?

So the next time you’re getting tires put on and someone offers you a “lifetime alignment”, just say no thanks.

I don’t offer them, but what I do offer is a free annual recheck of  any alignment I’ve done.  Comes complete with a professional road test and suspension evaluation.


I got an email from a tech working at Firestone in Orlando Florida saying they get paid every time they align a vehicle, even lifetime  alignments. Good for them. It’s about time corporate America quit sticking it to the workers. I doubt if this policy is nationwide though. As I said in the beginning, when I worked for them, we didn’t get paid after the 1st alignment. But, that was over 20 years ago.


About Joe Trent

Joe Trent is the owner and tech at Trent's Alignment & Brake Inc. (AKA Trent's Automotive) Joe has over 3 decades professional experience and has been ASE Certified over 25 years. He chooses to work alone in the shop so his customers get the very best brake and front end service available in Kona.

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